Previously Written Papers by Dr. Hoff:

Clinical issues for therapists who work with clients involved in sadomasochism or dominance/submission

Shame and guilt, and how it impacts men with submissive fantasies

An interview with William Henkin, Ph.D., who works as a licensed psychotherapist in San Francisco

Drama therapy and dominant/submissive drama: Similarities and differences

Gender roles and gender role reversal in sadomasochism or dominance/submission

An exploration of three different cultural perspectives in regard to their views on women's sexuality: 1) ancient Goddess cultures; 2) Judeo/Christian patriarchy; and 3) a Western sub-culture of dominatrixes, in which women are sexually assertive and involved in enacting dominant fantasies and sado-masochistic rituals

Can men's erotic submissive fantasy enactments lead to transpersonal experiences? A qualitative transpersonal approach

An interview with Ava Taurel on sadomasochistic practices

An interview with Sybil Holiday, a dominatrix, about the deeper meaning of sadomasochism or dominance/submission