Erotic Powerplay fantasies are emotionally charged!

They can even lead to transformational and healing experiences, where you move from a lower state of consciousness to a higher, more integrated and aware one. With the right partner, the experiences can be very fulfilling, creating a greater sense of intimacy and connection.

BDSM and Ds fantasies can be gates for entering deep, archetypal realms and processes, and for accessing altered states of consciousness.


But, fantasies and desires can be lead to many questions:

    • Do you sometimes wonder how to best integrate your fantasies and desires into your life?
    • Do you have questions regarding powerplay relationships? Are you and your partner uncertain as of how to integrate powerplay into your relationship? Are you looking for a partner?
    • Or would you just enjoy talking about your feelings and fantasies in a safe and confidential environment, examining items with a qualified and very experienced female doctor who is an expert on the topics of powerplay and FemDom and listening to her guidance?

    Because society holds such a deep prejudice against those who engage in powerplay and BDSM fantasies and activities, almost every person with such experiences has some conflicted feelings. Traditionally, the field of psychology has considered the more intense sides of powerplay to be indications of mental illness, but more recent research demonstrates clearly that BDSM fantasies are not pathological per se. Research also shows that people who are not isolated around their fantasies are much more comfortable with their submissive and dominant feelings in general.


    Exploring Fantasies Safely:

    Talking with someone is often the best way to escape from feelings of isolation. Dr Hoff has over twenty years of experience with the BDSM scene, including its beneficial, exciting, and problematic sides.

    If you would like to explore your thoughts, fantasies, fetishes and experiences in a private consultation, please contact Dr Hoff for BDSM counseling. Couples and individuals. Fetishes, cross-dressers are welcome! Long-distance telephone counseling is available.


    If you should need psychotherapy, Dr Hoff can refer you to licensed psychotherapists who are not prejudices towards powerplay.



Additional resources are available on the internet and through your local resources.


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