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Dr Hoff, together with Dr Richard Sprott, conducted a bi-cultural study of couples involved in erotic powerplay in both Germany and the US. The study focuses on the couples' experiences with psychotherapists. The study found that the stigma of bdsm gets in the way of good therapy, and that many therapists would provide better therapy if they were getting more information regarding what consensual bdsm sexuality looks like. The whole article is published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, Volume 12, Sept. 30, 2009. To read the it online, click here!



Dr Hoff's previous research was titled "Power and Love: Sadomasochistic Practices in Long-Term Committed Relationships." Because many mental health professionals tend to pathologize DS and SM fantasies and behaviors, which can be damaging to a client who is already struggling with his or her sexual feelings, Dr Hoff also produced an accompanying educational video for psychotherapists (© 2003). This video seeks to dispel the misconceptions surrounding consensual SM and those who engage in it through candid interviews of couples who practice SM. The couples reveal the healthy aspects and problems in their relationships, and what they think therapists should know about their orientation. Dr Hoff believes that many mental health professionals could benefit from a deeper, more comprehensive knowledge of DS and SM, so that they can work with a client without prejudice.




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