Dr Hoff is looking for a couple to participate:

This film project is educational. Dr Hoff is showing the films at international conferences (sexuality/psychology). “Serving Madame Gina” is about 2 women; all previous films were about one man/one woman. Dr Hoff is looking for an additional couple/leather family of any sexual orientation. Lesbian, gay, transgender, heterosexual or bisexual. The latest film was screening in several international film festivals. The previous ones screened at Cinekink film festival in New York and San Francisco.

The purpose is to to dispel stereotypes that many people have about powerplay. Dr Hoff is portraying interesting, attractive, articulate couples of any age or sexual orientation into powerplay/Ds who are in great relationships (can be three-somes, open relationships, etc).


What does it mean to participate in this film project?

We would film a scene or two, indoors, outdoors, whatever the couple would like to show, at their comfort level. Nudity is optional. Next we would do interviews discussing what the scene means to the couple, also discussing anything that’s relevant to the relationship. Instead of doing sit-down interviews, I may ask them questions while they are cooking a meal or while they are doing something. They could show their home, if they liked, whatever they feel comfortable with. It would be a portrait of the relationship, not just limited to Ds, with Ds being an important part of it.

I cannot pay because I don’t have a budget for this non-profit project. I could take participants out for dinners, and I would make a beautiful DVD with the edited content. Once I have a rough cut, I do a review with the participants. If there’s anything on there that they don’t like, I would take it out.

Participants need to sign a full release standard form. That form will be locked in my safe; I am the only one having access to it. But I need the release form as a legal requirement. Otherwise I could not show the films; if the government were to audit me, I would have to provide the form.

I work with a small crew (I need at least one camera person to come along, sometimes two).  

Thank you for your interest! Please send me an email, if you would like to talk about this.


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